British Values and SMSC

At Thornton Dale we promote a variety of ways to help our children with their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, including developing British Values. Through exciting extra-curricular activities and stimulating teaching and learning opportunities, we aim to provide opportunities for our children to form their own identity; sense of place and purpose, giving them the confidence to question and discover who they are in the world and face the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

British values are embedded in the work of the school and they are defined as:

As our children grow and progress through the school we are committed to ensure that they achieve their full potential academically but also understand the importance of progressing spiritually, morally, culturally and socially in order to be prepared for life in modern Britain and so that they can develop as a whole child. The creative and unique curriculum at Thornton Dale ensures that children are encouraged to grow in all of these areas. Our core aims and values are reflective of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development by teaching perseverance, resilience, independence and fundamental British values.





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